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Shape Shifter

"A complete rave here for this unexpected delight: The first new album to bear the Quicksilver name in over 10 years. A double-CD jam packed with 28 very different-sounding songs, Shape Shifter is fully the work of legendary SF guitarist Gary Duncan--whose chops, both on the fretboard and as a songwriter, have never been sharper. A weird, wonderful record that--as its title implies--changes musical styles nearly every minute (even a Christmas song!), this is very much worth seeking out."
- Dave DiMartino in BAM Magazine (6/28/96)

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    Shape Shifter - The first new album to bear the Quicksilver name in over 10 years
    Peace by Piece

    Quicksilver's 1986 release "Peace by Piece" was originally lost in the shuffle due to poor promotion by Capitol Records. Re-mastered to disc from the original 2 track analog masters, the CD cover features classic Rick Griffin artwork. Pymander Records has added two bonus cuts and specially repackaged this collector's item for you to enjoy.


    Peace by Piece
    Live at Fieldstone

    "A Japanese release of a live show played Memorial Day weekend 1997 at the Fieldstone Winery in Healdsburg, California. This was the first show for the band in its current configuration....and also the first annual Lysergic VooDoo Church Memorial Day 500 and Road Kill Barbeque. A Beautiful day....good food......good smoke....and good friends in the sunshine just like it used to be. We recorded on 2 Sony Lapel microphones taped to the vocal mikes left and right hooked up to a 2 track DAT machine....the quality is surprisingly good. Since it was our first show together we were happy to have the opportunity to release it to our fans."
    - Gary Duncan

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