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Welcome to Virtual Fenway Park

Virtual Fenway Park was my experiment with VRML from a couple years ago. VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) is a way to create three-dimensional spaces on the web. If you have ever played the games Duke Nukem or Quake, you have an idea of what "Virtuality" looks like.

I used Virtus VRML 1.0 to build the Fenway Park model working from a poster. Originally I planned to create a highly detailed environment but other projects interfered. (One project was Sports Site of the Nite which I hope you take the time to visit!) Virtual Fenway Park was ultimately abandoned in a sadly primitive state. But I'm pretty sure you'll find the ghosts of Yaz and the Kid taking batting practice out there occasionally among the virtual weeds.

Current VRML browsers don't seem to pick up some of the original detail I included, possibly some of the standards have changed. There is a scoreboard on the Green Monster however my new MS plug-in doesn't pick it up!

In any case, take it for what it's worth and maybe you'll be inspired to pick up the ball I've dropped and create the definitive Virtual Fenway. Let me know if you do, I'll be glad to give you a link!

Thanks for visiting!
Brett Freedman
April 24, 1998.


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