Some Pics

Some Pics

Carlos, Gary, Jerry

1. Duncan, Santana and the Dead at the Oakland Coliseum circa Halloween 1991

2. Duncan and Garcia discuss world problems. Or something like that... (Bill Graham Memorial Concert, Golden Gate Park November 3rd, 1991). Touring is always very eventful, but there is lots of waiting around, too. All band members soon learn to amuse themselves, whether it be by chatting amongst themselves, playing games of, or rehearsing for upcoming gigs. Being constantly surrounded by your bandmates means there's always something to do. We were no different, and soon found a number of ways to pass time until the next show.

Gary and Jerry
Gangsters Purple

3. Gangsters Purple family portrait, New York Academy of Music, sometime in the early 70's. In front is wild and crazy Harold Aceves, who was playing drums along with Elmore (middle rear) in those days. Duncan and Father Valenti are in the middle, and a couple of unnamed accomplices on the ends. (Coyote, Harold's pardoo partner, would only allow his left arm to photographed.)

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